What’s the Best Sponge Mop?

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use sponge mop

For hard surface floors, sponge mops are among the best tools to return the floor surface to pristine conditions and a level of cleanliness which assures a hygienic home. Most are lightweight and easy to use and some boast features such as replaceable mop heads or easy to use self-wringing mechanisms.

They are ideal for sealed tiles, wood, and laminate floors or linoleum floors. Because they are so lightweight they cause less fatigue than the older styles of mop and the self-wringing mechanism takes much of the drudgery out of mopping.

The design of sponge mops also makes it easy to get into hard to reach places and makes cleaning those hard to reach corners a breeze.

However, there are so many sponge mops on the market that making a choice can be a challenge. Here are some of the best to make that choice just a little bit easier.

1. The Rubbermaid Commercial Sponge Mop

Rubbermaid Sponge Mop lightweight sponge mop is ideal for those homeowners who want a mop that is durable and able to stand the rigors of daily use. It holds a lot of water – making it an ideal mop for tiles and linoleum – but perhaps no the best choice for natural hardwood floors.

The PVA sponge means that it can cope with harsh chemicals better than other types of sponge. It’ll also pick up just about anything, but is especially great for crumbs and pet hair – making it ideal for households with small children or pets. Replacement mop heads are also widely available.

2. The Casabella Original

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It’s rare in this day and age of mass production and plastic to find a mop that boasts classic looks along with rugged construction, but this Italian import ticks both of those boxes.

The painted steel used in the construction of the mop is very attractive and the sponge is incredibly absorbent. It really is a workhorse and is suitable for even the heaviest use. It has a lifetime guarantee and replacement mop heads are easy to source.

3. The O-Cedar Roller Mop

Hardwood floors can be damaged if the mop being used carries too much water, but this O-Cedar Sponge Mop has been specifically designed with hardwood floors in mind. The sponge used has been designed not to carry excess water and be gentle on hardwood floors. It will not scratch expensive flooring or cause water damage. As a bonus, it comes in at an attractive price point.

4. The Libman Nitty Gritty Mop

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If you are faced with really grimy floors you are going to need a heavy-duty mop that is up to the task. The lever design of Libman Nitty Gritty Mop allows for ultimate control over how much water you want to get rid of and the scrub brush makes short work of that really ingrained dirt or stains. It’s a cost-effective mop with a simple design that works.

A sponge mop should be part of every householder’s arsenal of weapons to fight dirt and grime. Most are available at an attractive price point and the availability of replacement mop heads makes them a great investment.

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