Best Heat Pump Pool Heaters Reviews & Guidance

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A pool heat pump heater is great for those that live in warmer climates. If you are in a temperate location, this type of heater will be a great choice for you. It utilizes the warm air and converts it into a heated gas that infuses your pool. All of these heaters have different features. The pumps will require some installation but obviously, the heavier pumps will be more difficult to install. You will need to make sure that you get the right size for your pool. The best advice for this is to measure the pool in gallons and know how many BTUs you will need. Ultimately, you will need to overshoot when it comes to BTUs.

swimming pool heaters

So many environmental factors can cause a pool to cool down, like evaporation and wind gusts. The worst idea would be to get something that does not heat your pool properly. Unless you live in a very hot climate, you will probably want to swim in more temperate waters. Even really hot climates need heated pools because it is not very enjoyable to take a dip in frigid waters. You soon grow tired of this and even hot climates can have cold days. You want to take advantage of as much swimming as you can possibly do. It’s important to make sure that you get the model that you want that works well for your pool. Having a swimming pool is a luxury and you want to treat yourself to the best heat pump pool heater for your needs?

Smartpool S220 universal solar pool heater

This is an eco-friendly solar heater that uses the sun energy to heat the pool. Water will be channeled through a series of tubes where it will be exposed to a temperature between 6 to 10 degrees Fahrenheit. The panel is easy to install on the ground rack or roof but you need to consider where you’ll get the most sunlight. It is also an affordable and cost-effective way to heat your pool. The only downside is that you will require a lot of energy which can be a challenge in cloudy weather.

Pentair Pool heater

It is ideal for smaller spaces and areas that require a quiet operation. The exterior is a rustproof and tough to be able to withstand harsh weather conditions. It has a digital display system that allows you to check on temperature and it makes it easy when doing the maintenance. It also has an indicator light which is good in monitoring. The good thing about it is that it heats the water quickly even when it is used in larger pools. It is also easy to install, very dependable and energy-efficient compared to other heaters. However, you may experience some breakdowns which will require frequent maintenance.

Intex solar heater mat

This is an eco-friendly mat that uses solar energy to the pool it also keeps the pool warm at night. Additionally, it is easy to use and it can greatly extend your swimming season.

Blue wave 15 -Feet Round 8 -mill solar Blanket

This is a thick blue solar blanket which is very effective because it can keep your pool up to 15 degrees warmer. It allows the penetration of sunlight to heat the water and its thermal bubbles can slowly release the heat. It is UV rays resistant since it will stay on the pool for a long period.

pool heaters for swimming

Hayward H100ID1 H-Series above ground pool heater

This pool heater is very effective because of its automated operation. It has electronic ignition which can be used to start the heater. It can also work under different types of weather. So using this above-ground heater is reliable and easy to control. It is also very efficient because the water is heated quickly. However, you may experience some internal water leakages after some weeks because the copper coils tend to leak.

Fibroheat swimming pool heater

This is a large-capacity heater which is ideal for larger above ground pools. It is also easy to install and water-resistant because of coated metallic casting. It is easy to control because of the digital display. You will also get to enjoy lower energy bills than other types. It also comes with a 10-year warranty which makes it one of the most viable options.

Game solar PRO curvfed solar pool heater

This pool heater allows you to extend your swimming season because it gradually raises the temperature of your pool by 5 degrees in 5 days. The curved design is meant to trap as much sunlight as possible. It also has stainless steel hose clamps and threats for effective plumbing.

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